Amazon Fraud Protection

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Does amazon protect its sellers? 

If you are a new seller with high-priced electronics or computer equipment, you will likely be an ideal target for scammers.
Amazon does have a few protections for sellers, like using Amazon’s Buy Shipping and Safe-T claims. If a customer returns something different than what you sent them or it comes back in another condition, you can charge a 50% restocking fee.
You will need to document everything, including serial numbers. Some sellers even video the packing/shipping process and video opening returned items for the claim.

If you start out selling high-dollar items Your amazon account will not survive.

It is best to start with low-dollar items. By doing this you will learn the amazon system and build your metrics and feedback allowing you to grow.

If you start out with high dollar items particularly with a ‘Just Launched’ account, the scammers will take advantage of your inexperience and attract fraudulent activity, as they know how to use the amazon system. 

This is an amazon game changer.

 Anyone can buy anything they want on Amazon and if they don’t like it, just return it. Amazon will almost always side with the buyer unless the seller can prove the buyer is committing fraud which is mostly an impossible task.

You may have to accept Amazon’s agreement on returns but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept orders from a particular consumer. now there is a way for sellers to check and see if a particular consumer is a fraudulent returner.

Add your return information. 

Anytime you get a consumer product return sent to you from Amazon A-Z, please log in and share the information with us so it will help other Amazon sellers and you in the future.