How It Works For Amazon sellers

You can’t refuse to sell to a buyer, but you can cancel their order. 

Canceling an order will get you a pre-fulfillment cancellation ding on your metrics.

We alert you so you can make the according steps to protect yourself.

Just enter the shipping and billing address and let us do our magic.

You will see one of these Flags.

Green Flag = Good to go!

Orange Flag = Go! But do so with caution.

Red Flag = STOP! Cance or take every precaution when dealing with this address.

If alerts you of a fraudulent buyer, you can cancel the order or take extra precautions in preparing the order for shipment. Take pictures or video and have someone to be a witness that the order was shipped in the most carrying matter.


Let’s put a face to product Return Fraud…

According to the National Retail Federation, return fraud and abuse cost US retailers approximately $24 billion (about 6.5% of total annual returns and exchanges) in 2018.  However, that number doesn’t reflect the full scale of the problem, as it only includes cases of identified return fraud.

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