Walmart Marketplace Returns

Minimum Returns Standards

In order to provide our customers with access to an assortment of millions of items, Walmart allows third party retailers, also known as Marketplace Retailers or Marketplace Sellers, to sell their products on our website. Although the returns policies for these Marketplace Sellers may be different from Walmart returns policies, we have established certain minimum returns standards to ensure a consistent customer experience. They are as follows:
  • Return window: The minimum return window is 30 days, subject to exclusions below
      • For the following
        • Computers
        • Computer/video game hardware
        • Printers (excluding 3D printers)
        • Camcorders
        • Digital cameras
        • GPS units
        • Digital music players
        • Tablets
        • E-readers
        • Portable video players
        • Drones
        • Pre-paid cell phones
        • Post-paid cell phones
  • Restocking fees & Return shipping fees:
    There are no Restocking fees or Return shipping fees for most items; please refer to the Return Policy link on the item page for more details.

Hazardous Material:

Marketplace items that are considered Hazardous Materials have special rules for returns.  They may not be returned to a Walmart store.  If the item that you purchased is a Hazmat item, you may contact the Marketplace Seller directly or we can assist you with contacting the seller so they can discuss the return with you.  Hazmat items may include batteries, flammable liquids, computer equipment, or certain cosmetics or household goods, in addition to other common products.  For more information about what may be considered Hazmat,see the DoT guidelines for Hazmat items hereOpens in new window.

How can I return a Marketplace item?

It is easy and convenient to return items that are within a Seller’s return policies.

You may return your return your Marketplace items in one of the following ways:
  • Online:  Log into Your Account Opens in new window from your mobile or desktop and go to your Purchase History. From there, select Start a Return. Follow the prompts to select the item you want to return.
  • Contact Customer Care: Contact Walmart Customer Care Opens in new window for assistance with getting a shipping label
  • In-store: Pack each item to be returned separately and bring it ready to ship to the customer service desk at any Walmart store. We’ll provide the label, but can’t help with packaging or accept items that are not boxed and taped.
In case of exceptions like hazardous materials (for example, items that contain Lithium-ion batteries) and freight (for example, items that are over 150 lbs or meet freight requirements), please contact the Marketplace Seller directly to discuss the return.
For mailed returns, tracking information from the carrier is usually updated and visible on the carrier’s site within 48 hours of them taking your package.

When will I get my refund after completing the return?

  • For returns initiated in-store, refunds generally are processed when the item is received in the store. You will see the refund on your payment card approximately 5 days after the refund is processed, depending on your bank.
  • For returns initiated online or through Walmart Customer Care, refunds are generally processed when the return package is first scanned by the carrier. You will see the refund on your payment card approximately 5 days thereafter, depending on your bank.

What should I do if I do not wish to return an item but would like to contact a Marketplace Seller with a question?